About May

May, known by her TikTok username @maylikethemonthh, was born on February 17, 1998, in Jerusalem, Israel, and is currently 25 years old. An Aquarius by birth, she resides in Los Angeles, California, and shares her home with her dog Mango.

May joined TikTok in May 2020 and has quickly rose to prominence on TikTok from her daily astrology readings and relationship advice, accumulating over 813,000 followers and more than 37.1 million likes.

Her unique content often focuses on the concept of manifesting positive experiences through positive thoughts, a principle known as the 'law of attraction' that has seen a significant resurgence in recent years. May believes in the power of affirmations and has shared her personal experiences of successfully manifesting a relationship by writing down her desires repetitively. However, she also cautions about the potential pitfalls of obsession that can arise in relationships​​.

May is also an avid traveler, having visited countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and Israel. She often dedicates an Instagram story to each of her trips, further engaging her followers with her personal experiences and adventures​